When will Panny Lumix DMC-GH3 finally start selling?

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Re: Stocking up on the GH3 & lenses for it at Unique Photo, NJ

Well Unique Photo has an online presence as well (as well as takes photo orders)>  There is only one store in Northern NJ (It's actually quite big with classes/lectures etc).  What I woud do is see if you can just get on a wait list there.  If not, call the actually store front (separate number) and ask if you can be put on their wait list.  I believe Unique Photo actually holds two separate wait lists.  Not sure why.  They will call you when they get it in and ask if you want to come pick it up and you have something like 48 hours to get it.

Try other reputable smaller stores as well.  Near me (Northern NJ) there is a great place called Bergen County Camera (two locations) and they have no online sales at all.  I was able to find the GH2 there when others waited months to get it.  Why not try finding high-end camera locations in the Delaware/PA area.  Certainly there must be some near Philly or outside of Philly (West Chester area?).

My point really is that if these small stores get shipments of 5-10 per shipment and a BH gets 100-200 you may still have a better shot at the small stores given the wait lists (web traffic/store traffic) is much lower than these huge stores.

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