Yongnuo RF-603 trigger question

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Re: Yongnuo RF-603 vs 602 triggers

fotowbert wrote:

This link describes how the RF-603 triggers differs from the 602 units when pressing the button on any remote unit.

Look in the RF-603 section for the paragraph that begins "Unlike the RF-602, the RF-603 has a special channel to be used exclusively for camera triggering."

Down a bit farther the author says "On the downside, the separation of channels means that you can no longer trigger a remote flash by means of a handheld unit."

There is a workaround. When a 603 unit is in transmitter mode the button activates the lights. The 603 transceiver normally becomes a transmitter when it senses the camera's hot shoe, but you can mod a 603 unit (see this link) to be in transmitter mode off camera. This unit then can be used as you desire to test fire the flashes for metering. It may not be worth the effort however.

  • John

Thanks for the very useful info. Since 603 becomes transmitter when on camera's hotshoe, I am wondering it will become transmitter as well when sitting on a PC-to-hotshoe adapter?

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