NEX 6 to replace both DSLR (Nikon D5100) and Compact?

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Re: NEX 6 to replace both DSLR (Nikon D5100) and Compact?

Gimble wrote:

I currently have a Nikon D5100 SLR and a Nikon P7100 compact. While I have three lenses for the SLR in practice I only ever use it with the 18-200mm. I am pretty happy with the D5100 but I am looking to replace the P7100 – I am mainly interested in getting something with better low light capabilities (I take many shots of family indoors), better video and faster focussing. I have been considering a Canon G15 as it seems to improve on the P7100 in all three of these areas. (The P7700 does not appeal to me.)

I am wondering if instead of getting an expensive new compact if I would be better served spending even more and getting a NEX6 with the 16-50 zoom (for compact use) and the 18-200 (to replace my SLR).

I have previously owned the original NEX 5. I liked it a lot, especially the video quality. However, I ended up selling it. This was because with the 18-55 kit lens it was simply too large for me to carry it around like a compact. (I am hoping the smaller 16-50 will address this.) Also the focussing performance and lack of viewfinder didn’t make it feel like an SLR replacement either.

Any thoughts?

Everthing comes with a price. You will have to weigh in the factors.

I did exactly that, replacing my Panasonic P&S and my Canon DSLR with a NEX-7.

A NEX6 with 16-50 zoom will be pocketable, but will still be slightly larger than a P&S. But most of all you will miss the tele zoom of the P&S. Having said that, the NEX has so many pixels, that you can still crop the hell out of every picture to get 2x zoom extra.

The problem with the NEX-7 - not sure what the situation is with the NEX-6 - is that it does not have a way to put it into a known state. Hence, I cannot tell my wife to press this or that button and she can fire away. For example, I can show her how to put it into iAuto mode, but if I used MF before, setting it to iAuto will not set it to AF.

My experience showed that these are the 2 factors that prevent a NEX to be a successful P&S:

  1. missing tele zoom
  2. no P&S mode on the camera

On the DSLR side things look better. I have been very happy about the NEX-7 replacing my Canon DSLR. The only things that are painful:

  1. speed of focus
  2. position of video button and the fact that you can only turn it off or on completely

So bottom line is that my wife is making less pictures now, because the problem is on the P&S side.

Good luck with your decision.

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