Is the E-5 rain proof ?

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Re: Is the E-5 rain proof ?

CollBaxter wrote:

Well yes it is , I had the unplanned opportunity to test it on Monday. I was out in the boon docks staying at a guest house and taking pictures of the harbor at night with the E-5/ 12-60 / Grip on a tripod. I was also struggling to get a internet connection to download my pictures for the Challenge 200 book. Things where not going right. I ran out of data on my 3G card, The vpn to my system , went down , I left the plug converter for the laptop at the site and the battery was flat , I got a very weak slow wifi connection about (It took me 5 min for a 100K file) . I was sitting in the garden trying to get the best signal. I managed to upload something I had shoot that day and then it started to rain. There was no signal inside and I went to bed. OK so what I had a tough day. Maybe good planning improves your luck.

I woke up at 2 AM and it was still raining . I remembering I had left the camera on the tripod outside in the pelting rain and howling wind . Well the good thing was the wind had not blown it over. I also had the flippy screen out as I was using LV. (Ieeeesh I thought) Well the camera was very wet and so was everything else. I took it inside ( After tipping the water out the flippy screen. I thought 'hell it must be buggered with the luck I had that day' . Anyway I dried it off with lots of towels and started checking , The camera was still switched on but hibernating , I started off form the top down, No water in the viewfinder , top display , Internal flash (That has always worried me. ) , flippy screen , battery compartment , Ok So far so good , Lens , no water or misting on the front elements , took the lens off and no water in the shutter box. Took of the grip and no water there.

Power the camera on and looked through the viewfinder and very thing was of all the displays working with no water took a few shots , pop the flash up and it was OK checked on preview and all OK all the buttons also worked . I used the camera at a transport museum the next day without any hassles. I Thought to myself hell I are lucky it's no damaged. Then I though well maybe thank you Olympus for building such nice well built kit. I always seem to do my upmost trying to destroy it.

It's not a myth you can leave an E-5 /12-60 / grip in the belting rain for 3 hrs and still use it. I don't think I will try it again.

I should have used my mobile to take pictures of the camera outside but at that time I was in my underwear and the phone would not have survived. Here is a picture of the conditions the next quieter morning.

P.S. the camera and lens are very clean.

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Very interesting!  In the reviews, the reviewers seem to value low-light capability above weatherproofing, but the low-light superiority of Nikon & Canon cameras is only marginally superior to the E-5; whereas the weatherproofing difference would be catastrophic for the Nikon and Canon cameras the reviewers use for comparison.

Once again, it all depends.  If you need weatherproofing in a semi-pro camera, you haven't been able to do better than Olympus since the E-1.  I don't have an E-5 yet but do have the E-1 & E-3 which I've had in fairly bad weather.  I've had them on hikes when it started raining, but whenever it does that I turn back toward the Jeep.  I recall having the E-1 & 14-54II out in a pelting rain but there wasn't anything I could see by that time worth photographing & so, feeling slightly wimpish, put it in my bag.

During a period of excessive angst on this forum (about Oly going belly up), I wondered where I could get such weatherproofing in a DSLR if Olympus quit doing it & so bought a Pentax K-20 & K-7 as they claimed weatherproofing as well.  Maybe they will do the job but they don't look or feel as solidly built as the Olympus E-1, E-3 & I'm sure the E-5 -- but then Oly didn't go belly up; so I haven't put them to the test yet.

Maybe in overall sales statistics weatherproofing doesn't count as high as other features (such as low-light capability), that is, if most photographers shoot in such places where they don't need weatherproofing then why should a camera manufacturer make anything other than their expensive pro cameras weatherproof?  I spoke to a relative loyal to Canon a couple of years ago before he went on a trip where bad weather couldn't be ruled out.  He wasn't worried.  If it started raining he had a rain-bag for his camera.  Hmm.


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