If you had to start from scratch, what would you do?

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Re: Would make no difference....

Dave Luttmann wrote:

After 4 years, you'd have no warranty in Canada either. So selling your gear is kind of a silly move. You'll take a massive depreciation hit in order to "protect" you from paying for a minor repair. You'll lose well over a $1000 in selling your gear....to protect against a $200 to $400 repair? That sound logical to you?

I must be missing something because this makes absolutely no sense.

I agree with you Dave,

Also i would keep the 5dII and invest in either the 17-TSE or 24-TSE II as a mainly landscape shooter. Then add a real pano head/ring. I believe someone on this forum already mentioned it several times (but i can't come up with the name), and shoot really big. That's glass i have yet to seen beat by other optics and is one thing alot of people on this forum either seem to ignore or don't understand.

I would save the 5dII as a backup camera if a higher resolution canon body is to be launched. And i believe that's only a matter of time. I still have a 50d my girlfriend uses because of the fact that the value it holds now is nothing compared what you can (or in this case, someone else) do with it.

Good luck in Europe.


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