Another D600 low-light, high ISO image (ISO 6400)

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Re: Another D600 low-light, high ISO image (ISO 6400)

Luke Kaven wrote:

Duncan C wrote:

coudet wrote:

Duncan C wrote:

Shot with my 70-200 f/2.8 VR (VR I, not VR II) at f/5, 1/60th of a second at 200 mm, at ISO 6400! It continues to boggle my mind that I can get such nice images at an ISO that high.

ISO 6400 is really nothing for a modern full frame camera. Your D600 can do a lot more..

I'm pretty picky about IQ, and at 6400 there's quite a bit of noise in the shadows. I don't think I'll push it much beyond 6400 if I can avoid it.

Notice the elevated black levels, and the slight magenta-blue cast? That's the onset of thermal noise. These Exmor cameras run hot, and need a full-time LENR option. Worse with live view. I do my own black frame subtraction when I work at ISO6400 and up, even at handheld shutter speeds.

With the right treatment, you can get great mood shots at ISO25600. Negligible pattern noise. A little bit of luma noise...can look very nice.

LENR? What's that? Googling only revealed Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, A.K.A. Cold Fusion. I'm guessing you didn't mean that.

Bear in mind people participating in these forums have a wide range of levels of technical expertise. Nobody can know everything about everything. I consider myself pretty well informed about the technical aspects of digital photography, but I don't know what either Exmor or LENR are. Can you elaborate, without using acronyms?

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