RFC (bundled Silkypix) Still Works Better Than Capture One and ACR

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Re: RFC (bundled Silkypix) Still Works Better Than Capture One and ACR

Trevor G wrote:

That's the way it looks to me - what do you think?

Here is RFC at default settings:

And just so you can see the rest of the image as well, here it is in full. The overall exposure has been dropped by 0.5EV because the original is slightly over-exposed and I might have made a slight tweak elsewhere, like pulling the False color control back to 10 instead of 30, bnut RFC does a pretty good job, don't you think?

Click on Gallery to view full size. Let me know if you spot issues.

Hey Trevor,

I used RFC-EX to adjust WB and Tone, and eliminate Highlight and Shadow warnings from DSCF0215.RAF.  I changed the WB to make the top of leftmost building white rather than blue; and increased the False Colour control to 50 in order to remove noise that appear as the white specs in the blue sky of the RAF image.

I created a DPR Album to compare images with Highlight and Shadow Warnings ON in RFC-EX.  The first slide is the RAF, the second your version, and the third as described above.  For best results, click the link below, click slide show, click full screen or <F11>, click play and use arrow keys to toggle back and forth between images.

==>DPR Album:  RFC-EX - DPR DSCF0215.RAF


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