Good news, my friends - Sorry, one last report on D600 dust/oil

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Re: Eclipse 2 vs. Eclipse

FEF wrote:

Here is a question: you used Eclipse 2, correct? The manufacturer, as I understand it, now recommends Eclipse (not Eclipse 2) for all sensors. What is the latest thinking on this?

Yes, I used five year old Eclipse II, bought for D300. I used it on D300, D7K, had no problem. So I figured D600 should ok as well. I think the main difference is the purity of the thing, Eclipse II evaporates faster so it won't leave any wet streaks.

Regarding the dust/oil spots, let's face it, every DSLR will have some. Is D600 any worse than D70, D300, D7K that I have, maybe, but it aslo has a sensor twice as large. What you want to do with your D600 is your decision. Send it to Nikon for cleaning, return it, and go buy a dust/oil free Canon:~). I decided to clean it myself, it is really not a big deal. D600 is a camera, a great one BTW, not a piece of jewelry. Go take some pictures and have fun.

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