My (sort of) first HDR (C&C)

Started Jan 15, 2013 | Discussions thread
Reilly Diefenbach
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Re: My (sort of) first HDR (C&C)

Got to disagree there, Vincent.  The pupose of HDR is twofold as I see it, both functions more or less independent of each other.  Compress dynamic range and/or produce an effect of a heightened, more vivid reality, which is easily overdone, as we've all seen a thousand times.  Detail is not nor can it ever be the goal of HDR, as combining exposures inevitably smears detail, however slightly, along with haloing and outlining which needs to be looked after in the adjustment stage.  Photoshop HDR does a pretty good per pixel alignment, but is a complete flop at making the picture look pleasing, imo.  Photomatix is much, much better at it and pretty good at ghost removal into the bargain.

The OP's shot simply is the result of a beginner's unfamiliarity with the necessity of exposing way low when the sun is trying to punch a hole in your sensor.  You need that minus four or so to have any hope of reconstituting the scene.

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