Future of Sigma cameras?

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Re: Future of Sigma cameras?

motomanDK wrote:

Easy solution to your huge problem ..... don't buy a Sigma camera!!

I am 56 years old - i have been an amateur photographer my whole life - mostly with Canon.

The Sigma cameras has given me more pleasure and the best pictures i have ever made.

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/Henrik - Denmark
(SD14 and SD15 ... and about 5 kg glass)

Same here! I'm 65 years old and started out with a Minolta SRT-101 in 1970. My favorite film camera of all time is the Nikon F3HP. Having said that, nothing has ever wowed me like the little Sigma DP2M. I've never seen anything even close for detail and some picture qualities that I'm not even sure how to describe. I just know that it makes all the pictures I've taken with any other camera (film or digital) look like mush. I need to get into my WayBack machine and retake all those pictures!


Chuck Lane

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