Who Else would like to see a separate 1D/s/x forum?

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5d3 sProHs - I think I have a solution

OK, we all understand that some people want out of this forum.  Well, it doesn't seem like the powers that be want to let that happen.  So, make your own group inside the group.  When you create a post, use a special prefix to make sure people can quickly locate what they want to read. You could even add additional info to further categorize your post.

The subject line could look like this:

1dx ProSC - I just shot an artistic photo of my cat, Wow!

Just pick the prefixes that are right for you.

Prefixes for camera:

1dx, 1ds3, 1d4, 5d3,5d2, etc...  This one is simple, and some people do it already.

Prefixes for Professional level:

  • Pro- 50% of salary comes from photography.
  • sPro- Less than 50% of Salary comes from photography, but you actual offer services and sell photos.
  • AdvAm- You know what you are doing, but you don't need the money or headache.
  • Am- Photography is still fun for you.
  • Hack- Sadly this will never be used, a lot of people are in denial.  Don't tell me, I don't want to know.
  • Newbie- Welcome to the full frame club! It's better here right?
  • G- GearHead - I have thousands of posts about technical drivel, but have never posted a single photo, or entered a single challenge.

Prefixes for type of post:

  • T for Tech,
  • S for Samples,
  • A for Accessories,
  • P for procedural comments and questions.
  • F for Feline photos.  Its seriously about half of the forum.
  • C for general comments and complaining
  • KR for posts related to what Ken Rockwell thinks
  • Fc for Canon Fanboy ranting, others are also available  Fn, Fs, Fm
  • H for Humorous post.
  • Hs Humor with Sarcasm. Some people need to be told upfront. 
  • Hn No sense of humor

I think this could work.  The longer you stay at the forums, the better you will get at using the prefixes.  You can spot a 6D NCHn post a mile away.  If they don't use a prefix, they don't belong and you can ignore them.

Maybe each person should take a photo of themselves for their Avatar in the Mirror holding their Camera.  Similar to a verified Buyer status on B&H.

Please propose your own prefixes.

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