Future of Sigma cameras?

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Re: Future of Sigma cameras?

Joerg V wrote:

D600: 1560€

SD1M: 1700€

D800: 2230€

In my opinion it is hard to justify a SD1M purchase (unless you have a collection of excellent SA lenses). I do not see much hope for Sigma in the DSLR territory at the current price point.

The DPx Merrills look like a much better bang-for-buck to me.


I think you are right about the DP2m, and wrong about the rest, and if you carefully read the OP, he made it quite clear that what he was proposing was what could be, in the future.

The DPR review made it clear that at low ISO the SD1 was better. So the issue is not about which one is better. It's more about how you plan to use the camera. If you think a lot of time you are going to be using the high ISO value of the D800, then yes, get that one. But it will cost you more, and more for the lenses too.

But really, if you are going to be doing lots of work at high ISO, is the D800 the best camera for that work? I have no idea, really, but what kind of work is it that has to be at high ISO? Do you need a D800 for that? Is that the best choice for a high ISO camera?

A lot of these discussions end up in a discussion about versatility, as if the owner/user has only one camera and must use it for everything. That is just unrealistic, unless you are into some type of Zen Photo approach, and even then it would seem like a Zen approach would favor a smaller camera.

My point is that many people seem to be able to grasp the idea that the DPM camera need not be one's only camera, although it could be. If what you want to do requires a DSLR, then the Sigma SD1 is a reasonable choice for some uses and users. Not everyone does weddings, and thank heaven for that. Not everyone shoots concerts in dimly lit bars. Or street scenes outside the cinema at night.

Honestly, for myself, I plan to get a DP2M, and for most other uses I have a Oly E-pl1, a surprisingly good jpeg camera, which I share with my daughters. The Oly works great at ISO 1600.

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