Split prism in the viewfinder for manual focusing

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Re: Split prism in the viewfinder for manual focusing

curradob wrote:

Recently picked up an old film camera and played around with it. Then it came back to me, the split prism for manual focusing in the viewfinder...made it easy and accurate to manually focus.

Is there really nothing for the digital DSLR's that can give me this feature back? I find it almost impossible to manually focus without it and have to rely on the autofocus of my 7D or 50D. I know I can zoom in the LCD screen but that is timely and not practical always.

I think I've asked this years ago but thought I'd give it another try.

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You can put a split image focusing screen into a 60D (and I think a 50D... I never researched that), but I don't think you can in a 7D because the camera needs a special screen onto which it projects stuff (focus points identifiers and grid lines, I think).

Here's a link to a thread I started back in 2011 with some discussion about the available options... I ended up getting a screen that I am pretty happy with, but to be honest I don't manually focus as much so I don't have a strong opinion about it one way or the other.  It does work like my old manual focus film camera did, though... Only now I have the option to autofocus and I usually use it.


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