RFC (bundled Silkypix) Still Works Better Than Capture One and ACR

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Re: RFC (bundled Silkypix) Still Works Better Than Capture One and ACR

Powerdoc wrote:

I am currently trying Silkipix DSP5, but I have two questions :


RFC produces a better result at default settings than my favourite software, DSP5.

Go back and try the bundle - you can install them side by side.

- how do you to recover the Highlights ?

What highlights can you not recover?

Have you turned on the histogram?

You wind down the main exposure control until the histogram highlight end is fully revealed. There is 6EV of reduction available in DSP5 (way more than you need) and 4EV in RFC.

At the same time you also take the DR Expansion slider back to 0 on most occasions, for best results. I'll explain how to use that control in a separate post.

Care to post a sample RAW?

- what are the setting to have the same color rendition than Fuji JPEG ?

There is no setting as such.

I suggest that you try both these methods:

1) Process the RAW without looking at the JPEG and see what you think.  I seldom look at JPEGs now.

2) Compare RAW with JPEG and follow these steps to get as close a match as possible:

a) Choose a Taste (top most control) that gives you a close match - I mostly choose Landscape (for almost any image) followed by Portrait.  Sometimes Fine Street will do it as well (or instead).

b) Go to the Colour control (just below Contrast) and go through the 12 or so presets until you get the colour match you want.

c) If using DSP5 you can also choose a Profile (in the bottom of the same Colour tool) - choose either V4 Comaptible, Natural or Faithful.  Don't worry about what they are called - just try them and see.  I often choose V4 compatible, but not always.

Otherwise, I think that silkipix is good, but if it's impossible to recover properly the highlights, I won't buy the license after the 30 days trial.

I just ran the tram/bus image through both RFC and DSP5 today and RFC is better at default settings.

DSP5 might be better overall, but I will have to work to see what needs to be done to get it there. It showed more smearing (slightly more) on the street sign.

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