Chances of a fast wide prime?

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Re: Chances of a fast wide prime?

Dheorl wrote:

This is still the one thing drawing me towards getting a FF system is the prospect of some DoF control at wideangles. I know we have the 17.5 f0.95 but I'd rather have autofocus and something a bit smaller.

You should just go ahead to get a FF if you desire more DOF control and every focal length rather then wait for godot.

Any speculation here as to what is possible or likely? Panaosnic have shown us a 42.5mm and 150mm to come out in 2013/14. Do you think that means this is all we're going to see from them lens wise? I assume olympus must be working on something, it would be foolish to not be. Any bets on what it might be? It definately still seems to be pushing the prime front.

It's anybody's guess unless there's someone in the development team that may have information.

I'd happily pay £1k for a good quality autofocus 14mm f0.9 prime. I know it would be big but I'd have hopes that it could be made smaller than the voigtlanders. I can't help but shake the feeling that those things are rather over engineered.

Any thoughts?

If the 17.5 is already a 1k lens, how can anybody expect a autofocus version of it to be cheaper and smaller without sacrificing too much optical performance?

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