RFC (bundled Silkypix) Still Works Better Than Capture One and ACR

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Re: RFC (bundled Silkypix) Still Works Better Than Capture One and ACR

Hello Trevor

I apreciate the time you take in multiple posts to try and demonstrate that RFC does work. Hoewever, for the life of me I cannot manage to get close to the camera jpgs or your onw results for that matter.

I've read the tutorial that you linked to somewhere else, but to no avail. Specially with high iso photos and noise and/or highlight recovery.

Can you give a step by step / basic controls to have a tiff file that can then be optimized in lR or photoshop? Specially in regards to highlight recovery. I didn't found the controls to be very intuitive. That being said, for the stuff I shoot lately, high iso, indoors portraits of my 17 month daughter, LR4 is enough (though sometimes in such dim lighting (iso 3200, 1/30th second, f4), the AF is the most limiting factor rather than processing the raw

Thanks for any guidelines you can give.

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