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Re: How useful is the AF?

GAitken wrote:

I'm curious how useful the AF capability turns out to be. It seems like the AF can't be accurate enough in terms of choosing the desired focus point and you will generally have to override with manual to make sure the part of the object you want is in focus. In that case, the AF and all the extra money isn't really a benefit. Are you finding the AF generally lands on what you want?

As I didn't have the funds, I opted for the photodiox tubes with no electronics, $8 ($12 w/shipping) for all three tubes plus the mounts. I haven't used much except to test, but they go on and off without much fuss.

With both the 500D close-up lens, I use AF with the smallest focus box on the G3. I use a full press of the shutter so that the shot is taken as soon as possible after AF is completed. I never half press and recompose because I will have moved too much. For the same reason, I don't use Pinpoint AF because of the delay while the preview is shown. For this lens at 300mm and a focus distance of 300 - 500mm, that seems to works well in terms of getting the focus on what you want

I do use Pinpoint AF at 300mm without any attachments at 1.5m range and I can focus on a butterfly's eye (which I do!). It remains to be seen if this will work at the closer focus distance with the extension tubes. I haven't had the time or the light to try it yet.

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