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Re: What DX Pro market?

Those Nikon-pros used a DX camera because Nikon offerend no alternative. It was not the case that they rejected the FX offering and insisted on using a DX camera. The only camera where some users might intentionally have bought the DX camera and not the FX camera is the D300/D700 pair. But then those 2 also were differentiated by price. Interestingly D300 and D700 need a replacement, we should wait and see what will happen.
I am not bashing DX as it has its advantages on the long end, but I see this as a feature of the camera. Give me the choice of a DX camera and a FX camera (offering similar resolution in DX mode) with the same features and price, I believe very few users would buy the DX.

A DX semi-rpo body would surely fit well in the current DSLR line-up from Nikon at the moment, probably better than a D700 replacement right now.

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