A return to fixed 50mm (or 35mm) lenses as kit lenses?

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Re: A return to fixed 50mm (or 35mm) lenses as kit lenses?

Draek wrote:

chlamchowder wrote:

  • Fixed lenses have been used successfully as kit lenses before. I read that many SLRs decades ago sold with 50mm lenses bundled as kit lenses. Why can't we do that now?

We can, we did, and it pretty much failed in the marketplace. See the early m43 kits with the Panasonic 20/1.7, as well as the couple of Canon kits bundled with that 40mm pancake lens---as far as I'm aware neither kit sold that well, which is why both manufacturers seem to have abandoned the idea as of late.

I've always liked normal lenses of 50 or 55mm, and see a big difference between that and the too-wide-for-me 40mm (or the too-long 64mm of the Canon pancake on an APS-C body).  There have been a lot of otherwise interesting-looking options come onto the market in recent years with fixed focal-length lenses, but if it's outside that 50-55mm equivalent range, it's not something I'm even going to consider.

Another deal-killer for me would be a purpose-built, fixed focal-length normal lens that lacks at least a rudimentary distance and/or depth of field scale.  I look at the highly-detailed scales on my old 50mm Xenons and Planars and wonder why such an important, basic control has been left off of these new-fangled cameras.

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