Metabones "Speed Booster" (way) off topic

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Re: Metabones "Speed Booster" (way) off topic

For info, just read second hand that Metabones have confirmed that a booster to adapt M lenses is not possible as there is not enough room for the optics given the smaller flange distance of M. Would make a boosted M module for the GXR more unique though. I can't imagine Metabones bringing out a booster to map SLR lenses to the M mount either as it only makes sense for smaller than full frame sensors, of which I can only think of M module as currently available.

So I wonder how well a boosted M module would work with SLR lenses with the common adapters for them? Turn the GXR into the full frame equivalent mirrorless camera for all at the price of APS-C electronics.

The improved noise characteristics of the sensor in the A16 module plus the f stop improvement of the booster would make this module a low light monster. Assuming its phyically possible at all!  There's not a lot of room between the sensor and the shutter.

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