Do DSLRs gradually go bad?

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Re: Thanks, everyone

Flying Fish wrote:

Interesting answers, many thanks.


One thing that might get worse with age is the number of dust spots on the sensor... if you don't clean it or have it cleaned. Some people would call a sensor cleaning "periodic maintenance", but I think a lot of people never do it or have it done.

To check for dust spots take a shot of a clear blue sky at very small aperture (say f/16 and appropriate shutter speed to corrrectly expose and get a blue image)... then blow up the image and look for them. If they're blown out periodically with rocket blower, they usually come off... but if they've been sitting on the sensor for years you might need a "wet cleaning" to get them off.  You can do that yourself, too, but when I had a spot that wouldn't come off with a blower I sent the camera in to Canon and had them do it.  It was pretty cheap... I don't remember exactly how much but I think less than $40 (probably depends on which country you're in...  that was by Canon Korea).

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