Underwhelmed with the 60D - is it me, or did I get a dud?

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Re: Underwhelmed with the 60D - is it me, or did I get a dud?

You CAN change AF focus points on the 60D with only 1-button using the D-pad if you change the custom setting to do that:

Custom Function Menu

C.FnIII: Autofocus/Drive

Scroll over with right arrow to #2 for "AF Selection method"

hit OK and then change the # shown in the middle of the screen to 1 intsead of 2 which I think is the default

This will then make then Back button AF button on the top right of the grip perform in Auto mode (All 9 points active and camera decides what to focus on) and the d-pad as your desired quick 1-button push manual mode to override the 2 button presses method (you decide what to focus on)

All you need to do is press halfway on the shutter button to focus on anythng (or wake the camera up), as you would normally do to compose a shot, and then use the d-pad to choose any of the 9 the AF points using any of the 9 directions on the pads, with the SET button being the center AF point.

Note: you will only see the AF points selected/lit up in red LED lights in the viewfinder and NOT on the LCD screen, as is the case if using the Q-button menu to select the AF point, which I agree is a time waster and tedious.

Hope this is helpfull is enjoying your 60D more

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