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Doug J wrote:

bellevilleguy wrote:

I use a large gun safe for my gear, equipped with 2 gun safe heating rods and some rechargeable desiccant packs... I keep my humidity levels at the 40-55% range which is ideal... You probably should aim for 40% as your lower limit, below this could dry out softer rubber and the internal lubrication's... Check the link out below, it show's my setup...

Interesting. Did you purchase this gun safe & accessories for the sole purpose of storing your gear in a low-humidity environment? It seems a bit excessive, unless you were re-purposing something you already had, or got a good deal for on Craigslist. Or wanted high security to prevent theft.

A can't disagree that it is a bit excessive...  Humidity where I live is often an issue in the summer,    I live right next to a river and humidity always tends to hang 70%+ at times, perfect conditions for fungus if it's going to happen...  I purposely set out to purchase this safe for 2 reasons in mind, humidity control and the added security and peace of mind...  These safes are $1K, but when you start collecting $40K+ in gear, the added peace of mind to protect it was well worth it for me...  I highly recommend these safes, they are perfect for gear storage and security, the later a dry cabinet can't help you with..


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