Thinking of taking the dive....but confused

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Re: Thinking of taking the dive....but confused

PicOne wrote:

"Files from the DP1x are nice, no question about that, but easily outclassed by the OM-D regarding most parameters."

Please specify what you meant by this "most" comment. If you rely on high ISO I don't think anyone would argue.

Only talking about base ISO. An advantage of the "old" DP1x is simply the fact that Foveons in general render very fine and subtle textures like woodgrain, tiny imperfections on a stone etc. due to missing demosaicprocess in a different fashion than Bayer sensors do. So also with a DP1x this difference in microcontrast can sometimes still be an advantage compared to recent top of the line Bayer sensors, like the one in the OM-D. Quite often though it is not, because the DP1x gets severly outresolved and the high res. Bayer makes up for that differences.

The most limiting factor with the older Foveons - my own personal view and experience - is the rather small absolute resolution of the files for prints. When also cropping somewhat for optimal composition (and that may only involve aspect ratio) you're not left with really much and in somewhat bigger prints files from recent EVILs just look sharper and more detailed.

So if I'd buy a Sigma DP today (and I have done so), I would definitely take the new Merrill versions that pull ahead of the Bayer competition a lot more so than the older Foveons ever did, even in their best times.

Sorry but I read 802 Walker's comments in context of referring more generically to current generation Sigma "DP" cameras.

Nevermind. Just too many DP, DP1, DP1s, DP1x, DP1m, Merrills, etc. floating around...

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