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Re: Macro lens for M43

Jo2trs wrote:

I'm looking for an affordable glass that I can use for macro shooting. I did a few research on some legacy lenses, I just don't know which ones are the best out there. thanks.

The focal length determines the working distance from lens front to subject so macro lenses at 1:1 or close to it can vary from very close indeed to nice and roomy. Nice and roomy means easier to get light on the subject and also means the longer working distance does not scare nervous insects so readily.

I have the 4/3 35mm macro and really that is too short for nervous insects, but fine for flat copy work or slide copy as the working distance means that table top or vertical camera stand copies are easier to do as everything is in easy reach.

Also have a Nikon 55mm macro and again that is a little close to insects at odd times.

The current Micro 4/3 60mm macro does seem to have a more acceptable working distance and the legacy 90mm or 100mm lenses are ideal to get the lens far enough away from those twitchy insects.

So the choice may depend on what you need to shoot.

Regards....... Guy

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