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Re: Vision impairments

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

brianf wrote:

sea_dragon wrote:

I'm thinking that the color issue may be fixable via a firmware tweak. But the optical distortion due to the magnifier is definitely hardware.

I hope so, but several people in this thread claim that the colour in their EVF's is fine so would a software tweak not make theirs worse?

The distortion or smearing others are seeing are not a feature in mine but I am used to using the GH2 for a couple of years and the GH3 is a little better, the GH2 EVF appeared distorted and smeary to me after using a Nikon D300 for a while but I grew into the GH2 EVF.



Brian, this delay in receiving further stock - which is affecting Europe and US/North America, is what has led some to speculate that it is because Panasonic have changed the supplier of the EVF panel and/or the viewfinder assembly. I believe this was first reported on the 4/3 rumors web site but no source was revealed. It might be the reason for the delay but I guess that since Panasonic are denying any defects in first batch GH3s, we will never know, there will be no recall, etc., etc.

Hi Marco,

You may be right about the delays but it is hard to tell because Panasonic are wel known for launching new product and creating a demand before being in a position to meet the demand and can take months to get product on to the shelves in any numbers, better commercialy than launching and having no demand and going bust.

Time will tell, but I am reasonably relaxed about it as I have already discussed with my supplier about gettng my GH3 exchanged if the next batch of EVF's turn out to be better, he is aware I am not happy with the EVF but rather than get my money back I am prepaired to wait and see.



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