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Re: 455 Shots and Still Going

I`m using a Fake Canon (but admittedly very well made) 920Ma I got as a backup for the G1X, in that cam it performs almost as good as the original ......

BTW camera "Battery warnings" aren`t thesedays to be taken as "Switch it off or else" and vary from cam to cam and maker to maker as to how much charge you`ve got, they`re for YOUR convenience to remind you to get a battery ready that`s all .

with modern batts with monitoring connectors like the Canon one mentioned, the camera shuts down long before any damage to the battery or files written could occur, things have moved on in the last 10-12 years and even then a Lithium ION powered camera (canons and Nikons anyway) wouldn`t shut down with the buffer half full ..

I don`t usually run them till the cam shuts down and displays "Change the battery" unless desperate or in this case, trying to find out how many shots it`s capable of ........

It`s now up to 532 and I shot a bunch more flash shots yesterday . Unless this well used fake battery is a lot better than a real one, the SX50`s battery life is a lot better than the estimate .

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