Any portable device to read the SD card by my iPad 3? Or transfer?

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Re: In fairness....

Barrie Davis wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

patmac3 wrote:

I am using Airstash a wireless device which looks a little like a USB Stick on steroids. You charge it up and insert a SD card and then connect it's wireless signal to your iPad (or iPod,or any other device) and you can stream your photos over to the iPad. It will also allow you to play music and watch films downloaded onto the SD card.

As it uses its own wireless signal you can use it anywhere and review your photos on the hoof

As Barrie mentioned, it seems the OP is looking for something portable that can read photos from the iPad. Can the Airstash do that?


The Orignal Poster has not yet reappeared to clear this up. It's probably best to cool it until he does us the favour of clarifying what he IS trying to do.

Yes, Airstash can used to stream the photos on SD card over to the photo by wireless signal, like Wi-Fi. However, it can only read when there is wireless signal, Right? Can the data be transfered from SD card to ipad by Airstash? Thank you!

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