Complete new way of using your E-M5 or E-P3 - Master the SCP & Live Control

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Vlad S wrote:

BushmanOrig wrote:

I did much effort to explain the differences plus the advantages practicing working with the SCP and the Live Control.

First, thank you for your effort. I was wondering if you could shed light on this:

When we are in SCP view, and the Live View is enabled in the settings, then we have two options:

a) press "Info" to switch to Live View

I guess you mean switch to the "Live Control" screen

b) press "Ok" to show the options for the highlighted parameter.

Option (b), similarly to (a) has most of the image unobscured, and shows the changes in real time. I disabled Live View because it was resulting in too many context dependent outcomes, and it was both confusing and time consuming. At the same time I did not feel that it gave me any advantage over option (b).

What is your assessment of these two modes?

I think you are exactly a person that would benefit from my article.Without reading my article it might look as if these two (SCP + Live Control) are duplicates and they doing the same thing. That is not correct:

Fig 1 in my art is the SCP giving quick access to many functions or buttons, the main purpose being access to these functions, speed and the ability to quickly change something. If you practice with the dials like I explain in my article you will see how incredible quick one can adjust the EM5 via the SCP

Fig is the Live Control and allows the user to view the image while making adjustments to parameters. Live Control really use the power if live view and especially that of Olympus to help the use make unique adjustments to the image...

I hope this clear it for you......I recommend you switch live control back on




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