My GH3 EVF - a new observation and opinion

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Re: Vision impairments

brianf wrote:

sea_dragon wrote:

I'm thinking that the color issue may be fixable via a firmware tweak. But the optical distortion due to the magnifier is definitely hardware.

I hope so, but several people in this thread claim that the colour in their EVF's is fine so would a software tweak not make theirs worse?

The distortion or smearing others are seeing are not a feature in mine but I am used to using the GH2 for a couple of years and the GH3 is a little better, the GH2 EVF appeared distorted and smeary to me after using a Nikon D300 for a while but I grew into the GH2 EVF.



Brian, this delay in receiving further stock - which is affecting Europe and US/North America, is what has led some to speculate that it is because Panasonic have changed the supplier of the EVF panel and/or the viewfinder assembly. I believe this was first reported on the 4/3 rumors web site but no source was revealed. It might be the reason for the delay but I guess that since Panasonic are denying any defects in first batch GH3s, we will never know, there will be no recall, etc., etc.

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