What would be the most compact bounce flash available?

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Re: + 1 on the T32

Messier Object wrote:

Hi Philly

I've justed looked for my references on this question - can't find them at the moment.

But I recall that all of the OM system flashes are safe for E-system except for the T310 which has too high a trigger voltage.

I safely use the T20, T32 and the T Power Control which powers my T8, T10 and T28 Macro flash units on my E-300, E330, E-30, E-5 and Canon 5D3

The E-5 and E-30 manuals warn that some commercial flash units have trigger voltages above 250V which can damage the cameras. The 5DIII manual cites the same 250V value

I just re-measured the open circuit voltage across the 'hot' pins of my OM flash units . . .

T20 = 9 volts
T32 = 15 volts
T Power Control = 15 volts

The T Power Control has the same internal circuits as T32 but instead of a flash tube it has a socket for connection of the various Macro flashes.

IMO the T32 is very safe to use on the hot shoe or via the pc synch port of the E-system


Thanks for the info.  I always had the impression that modern digital cameras should use flashes with less than 6V trigger voltage.  But I can't remember where I had heard/read this.

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