A flash decision - do I need TTL?

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Re: A flash decision - do I need TTL? Is a pig's a** pork?

Jeadm wrote:

Undah wrote:

Jeadm wrote:

I just picked up a used Metz 50 AF-1 for $150. You may have trouble finding a new one, they've discontinued the model. It's being replaced with the Metz 52 AF-1, which just came in stock this weekend for $250 at B&H.

Wow really??

I just bought my 50 AF-1 a few months ago for $350 !

You know what they say: There's always something new right around the corner. Of course that rule only applies a fraction of a second after you've spent your money or the return window closes.

So true, ha ha.

Enjoying my 50 AF-1 so far though, had to flash it to firmware v3 to get all the functionality with my A57. The 52 is tempting though, read a couple positive first hand reviews so far. I've so missed the bigger gun since returning to my Minolta Sony roots (since film anyway).

Now I have to see what firmware I have. What added functionality did you get?

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