OMD - Video is choppy

Started Jan 16, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: OMD - Video is choppy

Not sure without seeing an example and I have a GH2 and GH3 (not OMD) but I wonder if your shutter speed is too fast relative to the fps of your video.  I think the OMD shoots at 30fps I've read on here before that you should aim to have your shutter speed at 2x the FPS or at 1/60 of a sec.  That way you can introduce some level of blur to your videos to make it smoother.  On the GH3 (where you have a lot of manual control) your options are taking down the ISO or changing your aperture.  Or you can do what I've done which is add an ND filter (Mine is from LCW) so that I can shoot at f1.4 during the day to have that subject isolation and smooth look.

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