5DMk2 vs OM-D High ISO Test

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Re: 5DMk2 vs OM-D High ISO Test

qianp2k wrote:

The assertion that you must shoot at the same DOF is incorrect. You have better DOF control with FF than on crop in reality. For landscape photos F4.0 is enough most time with a FF camera. For portraiture, a shallower DOF is an advantage actually to blur the background. You can use this DOF Calculator to get an idea. You see in landscape case, if you take on remote scene, the DOF difference between F4 or even F2.8 and F8 is not much difference. The difference is that most FF lenses perform best between F5.6 and F8.0. Your 5D2 samples took at F11 is way too much and totally unnecessarily, not only doesn't give any meaningful deeper DOF but actually deteriorated IQ.

This one was taken at F2.8 wide-open from 40/2.8 STM Pancake on 5DIII in the St Patrick Cathedral in Manhattan that is pretty deep. I don't see much problem with DOF.

If you take photos with mFT at F5.6 (that is not the best for most M43 lenses either) that doesn't mean I must take photos with FF at F11 or F8. I can take at the same F5.6. I can stop down on FF if necessary with less diffraction. Or I can use extreme shallow DOF lens such as 50L/1.2 or 85L/1.2 that achieve the effect that 2.0x crop M43 unable to do.

Actually the assertion is 100% correct.  If you are going for a particular look in your photo, aperture plays a crucial role in that.  So you say that f/4 is enough for landscape photos on FF?  Then on m4/3 you can shoot that same scene at f/2 and get the exact same DOF.  It's not about getting the same deep DOF, but rather getting the same DOF period.

That also plays into diffraction.  At the same DOF you won't find appreciably more or less diffraction on m4/3 vs. FF.  If you shoot FF at f/5.6 to avoid diffraction then you can also shoot m4/3 at f/2.8 and get the same DOF without worry of diffraction either.

The only thing you said that was true is that you can get less DOF on FF when you want it due to large aperture lenses that m4/3 can't match in terms of DOF control.  If you need that then FF is the way to go for sure.

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