Test a D90 for hot/bad pixels

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Re: Test a D90 for hot/bad pixels

Yes, I agree with the above posters. Just real-world shots. A few hot pixels doesn't mean it's a bad camera. I've never owned a DSLR that hasn't had a few. Sometimes they'll show up, and sometimes they don't. They tend to show up when the camera is hot and when the ISO is high. You'll see way more hot pixels at ISO 1600 than you will at ISO 200. Use the rubber stamp tool in Photoshop or similar tool to clone out offending pixels in post.

Some people like to do the "lens cap" hot pixel test where they will put a lens cap on their lens and then take a 30-second ISO 1600 exposure, and then find themselves horrified about all the hot pixels that show up. Don't do this test ... it's just asking for trouble. You'll see many if you do it. Just get out there and take photos and don't worry about the inevitable appearance of a few hot pixels.

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