Today is Pay Cut Day across America!

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FUD as an art form.

lylejk wrote:

Still, these diversions with taxes, gun control debate, and now the debt ceiling are just that. Diversions. There's a bigger (and worse) plan under afoot; I feel it. They are putting these stabs in front of us to hide the real crime that we will all find out soon enough. Hope I'm 100% wrong, but I've been depending on my gut since I was told that you should back in 2008, and, since 2008, my gut's been 100% correct. Even knew BO was going to be re-elected back in September, but voted Romney anyway. Simply put, we are all screwed folks and I don't know what the trigger will be that will take our system down, but, if something doesn't give within the next few months, the trigger will be engaged (think of my words as analogous to the seals being broken if they've not already been).


Fear mongering looks like a fun hobby for you guys...

See ya in a few month then Nostradamus! I'm sure you'll find plenty of horrible Obama  plots to destroy America to complain about before then.

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