Do DSLRs gradually go bad?

Started Jan 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
hedwards Regular Member • Posts: 268
Re: Thanks, everyone

You got good answers, the main things that are likely to happen is for the shutter to wear out, I mean, that only takes a few hundred thousands photos.

The other thing that's relatively likely to happen is for the capacitors to go bad. I've got my original Canon PowerShot s10 from 2000 and it still works as well as ever. The case screws went a bit loose, but I don't see any problems mechanically after all those years.

I would expect a dSLR to be even less likely to fail as the result of age.

I guess, the other thing that could happen would be the gradual oxidation and corrosion of the components, but at any rate, I'd be more concerned with the batteries going bad and being unavailable for purchase than the body going bad.

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