Hold onto your guns, boys and girls, the new laws are coming

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Re: Hold onto your guns, boys and girls, the new laws are coming

vadimraskin wrote:

hjr13 wrote:

How can you condone that law , which is completely against the constitution, yet mention the 2nd amendment all the time. I guess it is like the bible to some people, pick the parts you agree with and ignore the rest.

First of all, the NY State Constitution has no mentioning of guns, so the Law is fine in that respect.

Secondly, the 2nd Amendment is useless and has been violated many times and many years ago, so it doesn't make sense any longer. If US were to treat it seriously, all citizens should be allowed to have shoulder missiles and grenade launchers plus drive around in tanks with loaded machine guns. Since all these weapons are "illegal" and the 2nd Amendment has no specific exclusions and clarifications to such prohibitions, it should be considered void and officially repealed.

What is required is an amendment to set out the role of the military and Federal agencies vis a vis that of State agencies; and how civilian right to firearms and any other potential weapons fits into that.

The US, like all states based on the Western tradition that I am aware of, assumes that the right to use force as a means of coercion is held exclusively by the state and agents that the state delegates this authority to.  As civilians have no such right to use of force (with a few vanishing exceptions such as e.g. discipline of children) then it follows that civilian rights to weapons is circumscribed.  Logically, the right to have firearms for self defence is contrary to the state's monopoly on the use force.

In any case, it isn't 1792 any longer, and the "well run militia" is long gone.  Time to re-evaluate what role violence should have in US society.

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