XF1 image quality: DPR Test Scene (!)

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Re: XF1 image quality: DPR Test Scene (!)

RStyga wrote:

Has anyone seen the DPR test scene of this camera? I opened, randomly, GX-1 review (it should work with just about any fairly recent camera review) just to access the test scene; then I selected XZ-1 (take your pick, here; XZ-1 is in the same class, that's all) for comparison and, last, XF1 and I could not believe my eyes: both RAW and JPEG of XF1 as appalling. Especially the RAW output! Isn't this camera supposedly as good as X10 or so due to the similar image hardware? Is this test scene a PP mistake? Maybe it's a different camera's output; I mean, why isn't this test scene accessible from XF1's preview webpage??

Could anyone help me out here (a response from DPR would be great)?

The XF1 has a much smaller sensor than the one in the GX-1. There isn't a great difference between the XF1 and X10 from JPEG except in the edges where the extreme lens design causes the XF1 some softness.


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