BIF with E-M5

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Re: BIF with E-M5

Any comment is appreciated actually, but a few things to note.

It is not convenient to use a tripod without being in the way of people and either since I tried to keep the shutter speed above 1/2000 it was not so bad. This location was actually fairly crowded. Having a feeder wouldn't have been all that useful granted some people were already feeding them. I have noticed that I shouldn't zoom in too much to give myself a bit more possibility to crop and get a proper framing afterwards. I am quite sure I was using S-AF for those pictures and you are right I should probably be using manual focus and focus a little closer to me than where the bird is (what I was doing was focusing on the bird and then randomly starting a 9 FPS burst hoping the catch the bird flying). Another thing I need to do is to turn off IS (I often forget to do that when using plain fast shutter speed.

Hopefully I managed to make sense.

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