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"One of the strange things about Sigmas is that having chosen to go minimalist (not a bad thing) they consistently make a mess of it."


The above is a statement of your personal opinion which is not shared by the majority of Sigma users. Most of the real complaints about Sigma cameras have to do with either their not performing well at high ISO, they have slow buffers and shot to shot times are compromised for work which requires a number of frames in a short time, or the battery life (in the case of the DPM) is less than desired .

The real market for these cameras in general (especially the DPM series) are for landscape or even studio work where there is little need for high ISO nor for fast buffer clearing.

The amount of data processed by the Sigma SD1 and DP M cameras is huge. To have a faster buffer would probably not be cost effective. Battery life is less than optimal, but I haven't found it to be a problem at all in my own use. Would a larger battery and thus a larger camera body be advantageous? Who knows. It doesn't seem to be hurting sales of the DP series. High ISO is simply not going to happen with the present iteration of Foveon sensors. Perhaps it never will. I shot 35mm film for many, many years and the highest ISO film generally available was ASA 1600 Fuji or Kodak 800. Neither was nearly as good as ISO 1600 on any of my Sigmas so I can live with low ISO just fine.

To say that Sigma consistently make a "mess" of it, is in my opinion misrepresenting the cameras. They have excellent bodies, very usable menu systems, satisfactory ergonomics and are not any more "problematic" overall than many of my Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony models. I have had a number of Canons which simply had defective autofocus. Two very expensive pro models went back for refunds and I still have one prosumer with the issue. It's a 40D and it's simply unreliable. I've had failures of several types with a few of my Nikon's - right now my Nikon 1V1 gets so hot if fails if I try to shoot very quickly shot to shot for extended periods. I've had numerous issues over the years with Sony and the menu system is sometimes impossible to understand.

Personally, I don't believe that Sigma have made any more of a "mess" than other brands.

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