What is your D700 -> D800 experience?

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Re: What is your D700 -> D800 experience?

KennethKwok wrote:

I am only taking family photos.

I changed from D300 -> D700, I felt so much happier.

The D700 is good, as we know.

If you have changed from D700 -> D800, What is your experience?
Do you recommend that?

Is D700-> D800 a better upgrading experience than D300-> D700?

I am after better high ISO performance.

Some D800 owner said the high ISO is only marginally better than D700 "natively".

If so, then I should wait for the next better camera, but D800 successor may be years away.

(Of course, D700 is adequate enough for family photos now.)

No, I don't want to convert the 36MP to 12MP all the time.

Do I need more megapixels? I don't print much.

I think it does allow me to crop to compensate for some lack of framing techniques.

Sometimes, I take group shots, and do appreciate the ability to enlarge each face.

Thanks for your comments and opinion.

What D700 limitations are you experiencing and trying to solve?  D800 high ISO is visibly better.  However, you will be pushing around a lot of data (36MP) to get it.  Without knowing what you shoot it is very hard to make the case to switch.

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