Don't you think it is strange there isn't a review of Canon EOS-M yet?

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Re: Don't you think it is strange there isn't a review of Canon EOS-M yet?

Its hard to use the fact that there aren't a lot of posts on this camera to justify not doing a review. There is no forum for the camera! Posts are scattered between several forums. I have given up posting about this camera on this site altogether - and post my pics and experiences on other sites. I am sure that I am not alone.

I can understand not reviewing every camera that comes out, and I appreciate every detailed review I read here. While I personally would think that the EOS M deserves a review as it is the start of a new line in the Canon line-up (and not just another powershot etc), I can understand that those decisions are made based on many factors, and in the end its management's decision on what to review.

There are enough user reviews around the internet and sample pics to  weigh up against the non-users obsession with the AF speed such  that a review at this point is not so critical. Although I would suggest a dedicated forum. It was on the to-do list some time ago, and it would be really great if it could happen!

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