Can Sigma 35/1.4 also trouble the waters for Nikon 24/1.4?

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Re: Can Sigma 35/1.4 also trouble the waters for Nikon 24/1.4?

anotherMike wrote:

As others have said, the two focal lengths are wildy different, so the question might be what it looks like if Sigma were to do a 24/1.4 themselves.

I've got both the 24/1.4G and the Sigma 35 (and also the Nikon 35/1.4G). The Sigma 35/1.4 is a really nice lens, BUT, if I had to rank them in terms of how much they impress me in overall image quality (which means more than just sharpness), the 24/1.4G would take 1st place, followed by the Sigma and then the Nikon in 3rd. At least on a D800E. That's not to say the 24/1.4G couldn't be better - but I think it's well balanced across a very wide set of subject distances (that won't show up in the usual single distance test chart shooting) and it has very nice color, saturation, contrast and is remarkably flare resistant for a fast wide, and has nice OOF transitions as well. A future Sigma 24/1.4 might improve on corner/edge sharpness, but even as much as I admire the 35/1.4 Sigma, if I were to transpose those same qualities to the 24mm length, I'd still prefer the Nikkor slightly - there is something special going on with the broad central zone on the 24/1.4G at all distances that the Sigma doesn't quite get to. Still, I'll take a look if Sigma were to do such an addition to their line, no doubt.


And therein lies the problem. At what distance are we talking about? Test chart distance, or relatively longer distances commonly used for landscapes. Unfortunately, these longer distances are rarely tested. We test with charts, MTF measurements, and assume they work for longer distances. I could be very wrong, of course.

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