Good Olympus / Bad Olympus (OM-D E-M5)

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Good Olympus / Bad Olympus (OM-D E-M5)

Ok, the Bad may be premature, but I'll explain the Good first.  I went on a snorkel excursion during a cruise in the Caribbean a few weeks ago.  Before doing so, I picked up a "waterproof case" which I had read a review on that seemed secure enough and good for the price because I wanted to try and take some underwater pics.

This is the case I bought can be found on the B&H site and is called the DiCAPac WPH10.  In it's standard configuration it fits the OM-D with 12-50 pretty well.  It's a very rugged case and pretty difficult to manipulate any small buttons once inside, but for $42, it does work and the picture quality is pretty good.

The good - I was careless during my 2nd excursion and apparently didn't take enough time to really seal the bag well enough.  It's a bit tricky, but once sealed, it seems completely leak proof.   So, I'm snorkeling around, diving down 10 feet or so and suddenly notice that the bag is filled with water!  I pushed for the surface and swam back to the boat with the camera over my head.

Once I got on the boat, I opened the bag and poured out lots of water.  I was pretty distressed.  I then had to remove the lens in order to remove the camera, the put it back on, praying to not get any water in the sensor box!  Once I removed it (upside down) I looked inside and it appeared completely dry.  So I put the lens back on and dried off the camera.  I fugured water must have seeped in somewhere since the camera was essentially submerged, so I turned it on and prayed.

The OM-D worked perfectly!  It completely kept the water out after having been submerged for probably several minutes.  I was so glad I had the 12-50 on at the time because I don't know what damage could have occurred otherwise.  The next excursion, I used the bag and camera/lens combo again for a half hour  - this time taking care to ensure it sealed properly and it worked perfect and came out bone dry.  So, Good camera, Good lens, and Good cheap waterproof case!

Now, the "Bad" - A few days later, I was using my HLD-6 grip and suddenly, for no reason, the shutter button on the main part of the grip just popped off!  There was no putting it back on either.

Today I dropped it off at OLY's main repair facility which I live near, in Hauppauge, NY.  I always had good service in the past, and maybe I will with this.  It seems to be an easy fix (for now).  But what really ticked me off was the guy who took it from me.  I asked about the Warranty coverage and he says, this isn't covered, it's not a manufacturer's defect.  I said, "What do you mean it's not?  How do you know that "  He says, because I've never seen this happen before.  It was obviously forced off.

I said, "No, it was NOT forced off!"  I was using it in a normal manner and it popped off!  That's a defect!"  I asked him again how he could make such a claim and he said the tech would have a look at it and let me know in a day or two.  I told him I was pretty offended with his presumptuous declaration that it was "forced off," which he decided must be the case based on the fact he's never seen it before.

What a moron.  There was no point to the obvious statement by me that every defect has to be seen for a first time as well.  Nevertheless, we'll see what happens.  But the bottom line is, the camera was never dropped or mishandled in any way.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the tiny shutter button along to show him it was not scratched, and the rest of the equipment is also flawless.  Maybe the button got some side pressure when I squeezed it into a camera bag or something (P.s. - didn't use it in the waterproof case anyhow), but nothing I did should have caused that button to break off with normal use.

So - a word of caution on the HLD-6.  That button has a long very very thin plastic stem that goes into the grip by an inch or so, and it looks real fragile.  It broke or released at the bottom somewhere and came out stem and all in one piece.  Seems like a defective or poor design at the very least.

Sorry for the Long post!

Here's a few pics from as deep as 15' under as partial consolation:  

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