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In agreement with this statement

If you take a crop of an image framed using the whole 24x36 frame, then the moire is either there in the FF shot or not - but if you're framing the (same) image as a DX image to begin with, your image has 15.3 megapixels compared with 36 megapixels in FF mode. You are therefore more likely to get moire in DX mode than in FF mode, because your image will have less than half the pixels. That is what Leo360 is referring to.


A repetitive pattern which can induce moiré will require a higher spatial frequency to create the artifact on a sensor of higher resolution.

If you take 2 FF sensors of different resolution and frame the same scene with them, the sensor with higher pixel density will decrease the chance of moiré for the simple reason that patterns of higher frequency becomes rarer.

DX vs FX comes to the same provided that the lens focal length is adjusted to frame the same scene and aperture adjusted for same DOF. As you pointed out it's the frequency of the sampling of the scene that matters.

However the fact that resolution decrease aliasing artifacts is not true of all type of aliasing artifacts. Aliasing artifacts created by sharp edges are not helped by resolution. Mathematically a sharp edge corresponds to a discontinuous function. There is a concept called point wise convergence without uniform convergence which applies in this case. What it means in practice is that aliasing artifacts created by sharp edges is never eliminated or even attenuated  regardless of how fine a finite sampling is.

Hopefully Bobn2 or Iliah will comment.

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