Will Sony, Oly, Can, Nik and others copy Fujifilm ... again?

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Re: Will Sony, Oly, CanNik and others copy Fujifilm ... again?

BillyInya wrote:

liquid stereo wrote:

I don't think Sony will bother. Why? Because they have the excellent focus peaking. This is not the same but it may be thought of as the equivalent.

Hopefully it is a very useful feature. Its the sort of thing that will make itself known when it gets into the hands of users. Viva innovation!

I have never used focus peaking so I can't give a qualified opinion of it, however, all manufacturers who offer it more of less say the shading covers an expanded area in its scope.

The demos I have seen confirm this. When you move the focus a precise part of your image may still contain the "shade" as you move back and forth slightly, therefore, it is not really spot on pixel level precise. I guess this is needed because a one pixel shade would not be easily seen.

Whereas, you align the two sides pixel to pixel in Fuji's split imaging screen and you are absolutely positively 100% pixel accurate in your focusing. It really is quite amazing.


Incorrect Billy, it is not true pixel level accurate, even when magnified I doubt you will be seeing a split that are values equivalent to single pixels.

Although yes, it will be more accurate than the wide shading/dots of focus peaking. This is obvious.

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