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I certainly won't be able to correct or enlighten you.  I've used a lot of Nikons, Pentax, one Sony and the DP2M (only).  It seems to be a very complicated thing to consider.  I think a lot of folks see the potential in the Foveon sensor and overlook a lot of the rest.  I would say the output from the sensor is difficult technically to manage and the engineers are doing an ever better job of it.  I think the assumption a lot of us are plugging in here is that Canon or Nikon (Ricoh also) would have a lot of resources to throw at it.  It still isn't the camera for sports but one never knows.  I've never had autofocus accuracy or speed issues with the DP2M so they must be improving the cameras from what one has read before.  Most Foveon enthusiasts definitely don't see the sensor as the problem.  An interesting tidbit I've picked up on these forums is that Canon use a 3-layer sensor to assist autofocus speed and accuracy in their high-end cameras, hmm.

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