Just how tough can you be on these cameras?

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Re: Just how tough can you be on these cameras?

Duncan C wrote:

Dheorl wrote:

I posted a thread a while back asking about prime kits for a FX nikon. The new metabones adapter has kinda made it possible for me to get my shallow DoF desires elsewhere in smaller cheaper packages.

One thing that still draws me towards the D700 though, well, apart from the occasional indoor sports shooting that I do, is it's toughness. I like to do climbing and mountaineering and to have a camera easily accesable. So far this has been a GH2 in a bag on a waist belt on gentle stuff, but I am forced to abandon that for a compact in a pocket once the ice axes come out due to fear of it getting in the way or it getting damaged. Also Tbh it still isn't that easy to get too.

Now I've heard stuff about the D700 being a tough camera, even one of the toughest, but just how far can you push it. Would it be able to survive a day of mountaineering just carabinered to the outside of my pack, or would it be foolish to try and keep it outside a case for any period of time?

Any experience people have had with the camera in such environments would be welcome. Thanks.

I don't have any specific experience to draw from, but the idea of having ANY DSLR hanging off my body on a 'biener while I swing an ice axe makes me cringe. SLRs don't like shocks, don't like dirt or ice, etc. I'd put it in a form-fitted case and take it out when I was ready to shoot, or just live with a P&S camera instead.

Well it would be hanging off the lower back of my pack so out of reach of a swing. The problem is I can't stand having a camera infront of me for any short of climbing/scrambling in a case or out, but taking my whole pack off everytime i want to take a picture is equally impractical.

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