4900 vs D3000 Mini Lab

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Hugowolf wrote:

Scott Martinez Photography wrote:

I just received a mailer from Epson for the $20,000 D3000. Intrigued that I might be able to do ...

If you are going for a roll feed printer and have the space, then I would look at 24 inch printers rather than 17 inch printers. They come with their own stands, have larger cartridges and often a selection of different volume cartridges available, are five inches wider, and there is more media available in 24 inches.

I would not only look at the Epson 7890 and 7900, but also the Canon 6400 and 6450.

If it has to be 17 inches, then there really isn’t much choice but Epson.

Anybody have any thoughts? Has anybody ran the numbers?

You are looking at very similar numbers to running the 3880. You are never going to beat the costs of large volume online labs. You might save up to 40% on paper costs and up to 40% on OEM ink costs. But you have increased labour costs when using rolls. And how much of the price of your current prints do paper and ink costs account for?

Brian A

Thanks Brian,

My Smugmug costs can be anywhere from 14% to 24% of my gross depending on what size of prints. It seems like it should be close to a wash cost-wise, but I've never tracked the cost per print of my 3880. The price of ink/paper must be getting comparable with the large Epson's showing un in Costco and Staples.

I'll do a bit more research before I take the plunge...

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